Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pink mini's blog candy

Laura Denison is hosting a silent auction to benefit the cure of breast cancer reseach starting this October 31 to November 7th she is posting 16 mini albums created for talented woman and everyone can bid on them , High bidders will be notified. They will go to the event web page set up at the Susan G. Komen Foundation "Passioantely Pink for a Cure" site to make a donation in the amount of their bid. High bidders will receive the mini from the creator as a thank you for their donation! If you want to make a donation you can also do that at the website.
The website address is:

Please spread the word about this auction and when you do it go to Laura Denison blog for a chance to win some prizes that she and some other ladies are offering , so let work ladies and have a great one

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  1. I know it's late, but I just found out about this today. Please count me in for the blog candy! I'll be happy to post about this on my blog here