Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Wow I am super surprise by this award given to my by a very talented and super sweet scrapbooking sister we all know Leslie if you don't know her , go to her blog quickly and meet her , thanks Leslie for thinking of me for this award

Here are the rules to accepting this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Copy the award and paste it on your blog
3. Link to the person who nominated you for the award
4. List 10 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 10 other Beautiful Bloggers

10 interesting thing about myself

1.The first thing and most important I want to share with you is that I am a Jehovah Witness and I am one of the ones who nook your door on a Saturday morning to talk about the bible and I really enjoy doing it and get to help people teaching them the purpose of our life , Jehovah Love for us and so many other things

2.I also enjoy spending time with my nieces(4) at least 2 of them because the other 2 are in Honduras , they are one of the reasons why I scrap ,to save their memories and in a way have em near me

3.Other reason I scrap is because , scrapbook and paper crafting help to fill up the hole in my hearth for not having children (I don’t want to talk more about it because I get emotional)

4.My fav color is Red since I turn 28 before that I used to heat it

5.My hubby and I meet online 9 years ago and Ilove reading his emails

6.I have a degree in marketing but I haven’t work on that for 8 years ,(since I got married)

7.Love watching movies , specially the ones that make me and my hubby cry

8.I’ have always battle with my weight up and down , like a rollercoaster , but I am staring to accept and love my self the way I am making sure I am healthy

9.Love Indian food,(sometimes people mistake me for a Indian woman) chocolate, blueberries and a good scrap booking bargain (who doesn’t)

10.I can’t scrap without my paper trimmer, bling, distress inks, pretty usually expensive paper and a cup of good coffee

I will like to nominee the beautiful blogger for this award
1.Natalie B
9.Lisa V.
10.Tracy S


  1. Gracias amiga por tu sorpresa,que cariƱosa eres.Voy a tratar de ponerlo en mi blog,porque soy muy mala para la tecnologia,me han dado otros dos antes y no he podido ponerlos!!!! soy una nerd!!! ja ja ja.
    Un abrazo

  2. aww pues muchas gracias por este award, me lo llebo! y me encanto leer todo lo que pusiste sobre de ti pues ya te conosi poco mas. Ahora a visitar tu tiendita de Etsy aver que me llena el ojo! Y no te preocupes amiga por algo Dios hace las cosas, yo se que algun dia tu sueno de tener un angelito se te va a lograr! HUGS!

  3. CONGRATS!! on your beautiful blogger award! :)